Special Care Dentistry Lectures

for South East Asia and India

“For too long we have recognised that people with disabilities have poor oral health and fragmented access to dental services. This has to change."

Professor Raman Bedi, Chairman, GCDFund

For many years the International Association for Disability and Oral Health has been encouraging the development of educational programmes for undergraduate dental students and dental professionals to promote good oral health care for people with special needs worldwide. Special Care Dentistry Lectures for South East Asia and India.

In collaboration with leading academics in the South East Asian region GCDFund have produced a series of 14 detailed lectures focussing on Special Care Dentistry. This series of video lectures has been created primarily for dentalu undergraduates studying in South East Asia and India. This open access learning resource provides viewers with the core subjects which should be included in the teaching of every dental student.

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