Director, Center of Excellence in Dental Public Health, Chiang Mai University
SDL-9 (2015)

Dr. Patcharwan Srisilapanan

Dr. Srisilapanan is an Associate Professor, Dept. of Family and Community Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University and received her Master’s Degree in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health from the University of Iowa College of Public Health. She received her PhD in Dental Public Health from University College London, University of London. Dr Srisilapanan is a Fellow in Dental Public Health, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Thailand. She had been a President of the Thai Society of Dental Public Health. She has recently been elected to be an executive committee of the Thai Society of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. Her interested area are oral health for a special needs group, oral health promotion and prevention. She had been a Thai delegate to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. She received the Faculty of Dentistry Best Alumni award as well as the Regina Coeli School best alumni award. She had her administrative positions as an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry for seven years, a Head of the Department for three years. She was also an Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Chiang Mai University for seven years. At present, she is a director of the Center of Excellence in Dental Public Health, Chiang Mai University. The ongoing research projects are in the area of oral health prevention for the mobile dental clinic in a remote area, oral health prevention and promotion for children with special needs, fluoride intake and dental fluorosis in schoolchildren, oral health and diabetes, oral health and quality of life, dental wear in Thai adults and older adults. Dr Srisilapanan works as a volunteer in various organizations. She is a President of the Northern Women Development Foundation providing a holistic rehabilitation to marginalized cleft-lip and cleft-palate children in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. She is a Vice President for the Foundation for Older People’s Development and a Vice President for the Asia Pacific Alliance for YMCAs.