Saudi Arabia
Chief Dental Officer, Ministry of Health, Riyadh
SDL-1 (2007)

Dr Mohammad Al-Rafee

Dr Mohammad A. Al-Rafee, is a prosthodontics consultant and the Director of the Directorate of Dentistry (Chief Dental Officer) at Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr Al-Rafee obtained his Bachelor Degree in Dentistry from College of Dentistry, King Saud University, KSA (1991). After which he joined the Ministry of Health as a general dental practitioner in a Health Center in Riyadh, the Capital city of Saudi Arabia. Dr Al-Rafee had a goal, to be a Prosthodontist, and for this, he decided to travel to the United States of America. From there, he obtained his Master Degree and Certificate in Prosthodontics, Marquette University (1998). Since 2001, Dr. Al-Rafee is a Fellow of The Canadian Royal College of Dentistry in Prosthodontics. Beyond his job responsibilities, Dr Al-Rafee is a member of the Scientific Council For Dentistry at the Saudi Council For Health Specialty, and a member of the Scientific Committees for Saudi Boards in Advanced Restorative Dentistry and prosthodontics. He has had several scientific papers published in the field of Prosthodontics. Recommendations to individuals entering the dental profession: 1. Remember that being a member of the dental team doesn't mean treating patient as a "Mouth". Rather, you need to treat him/ her as a respected human being, who has the right to discuss, agree and receive the best treatment. You should look at patient's health in general, and not only his oral health. Your treatment must be evidence-based. Consider referring to other colleagues whenever required. 2. Prevention comes first. Always keep in mind that practicing dentistry in your clinic shouldn't keep you away from reaching out to the wider community. Participation in oral health education and prevention activities is a core element in provision of good health services.