President of the State of Mexico Dental Association
SDL-11 (2017)

Dr Martha Rojas

Dr. Martha Rojas was born in Mexico City on may 18, 1959. Finished Dental School in 1980 at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM), and got a master degree in Higher Education in 2009. She is President of the State of Mexico Dental Association and treasurer to the Mexican Dental Association National Council since may 2016. She was appointed Profesor of Pre graduate Orthodontics since 1986 and Chair to Ortho-Pedodontics department since 2012, and chair to the learning unit since 2014 at the UAEM. Dr, Rojas is a member of ADM’s Certification board and leads the Preschool Oral Health program in her home state in several Kindergarten Schools in very poor and vulnerable zones, being able to declare several Caries free schools in her home state of Mexico. Dr. Rojas combines her academic and volunteer work with her private practice in Orthodontics.