Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Peking University
SDL-9 (2015)

Dr. Man Qin

Dr Man Qin is the Professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology. She gained her BDS in 1988 at the Peking University School of Stomatology and was awarded a PhD in Pediatric Dentistry in 2000 from  Kyushu Dental University, Japan. She is also President Elect of the Chinese Society of Pediatric Dentistry and Vice President of the Beijing Society of Pediatric Dentistry. In addition, she is Secretary General of the Asian Association of Dental Traumatology amongst other prestigious memberships. Her research interests involve dental caries, particularly severe Early Childhood Caries, improving techniques in preventive resin restorations, MTA in deciduous pulpotomies, pulp revascularization of young permanent teeth, dental trauma, and abnormal development such as amelogenesis imperfecta and hypophosphatasia.