Program Manager, Dental Department, Ministry of Health
SDL-8 (2014)

Dr Joan Yee Show Lal

Joan works as an administrator and is responsible for the dental services in the Ministry Of Health, Fiji. In her role as the National Advisor Oral Health, she has the overarching responsibility for the planning, implementation and monitoring of all aspects of dental service delivery. She is accountable for the strategic direction of dentistry, the development of policies and regulations and also giving advice to the Minister and Permanent Secretary for Health on the provision of dentistry; from the primary / preventive services through to the tertiary management of complicated oral surgeries.  Joan is a Fijian national and holds a Diploma Dental Surgery from the Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji. She obtained a Graduate Diploma in Community Oral Health & Epidemiology from the University of Sydney (Australia) 2001. She has a passion for public health and is a strong advocate for the primary school dental program in Fiji.