Our work

Since we were established in 2008, our work has focused on providing oral health care to the world’s most disadvantaged children; building global dental leadership and increasing social responsibility.

Our projects

Whether providing direct oral health care and education, building dental leadership or raising social responsibility, our projects have been delivered across the globe. Afghanistan, Tanzania, Timor Leste, India, Kenya, Brazil, and Iraq are some of the many countries in which we have worked.

End Infant Oral Mutilation

Infant Oral Mutilation affects 25 million children a year across Africa.

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Syrian Child Refugees

We are working with Jordanian dental students to help improve child oral health of Syrian refugees in camps across Jordan.

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Special Care Dentistry

We are working to improve the provision of Special Care Dentistry for children worldwide.

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SEAL Cambodia

Sealing teeth protects against tooth decay and pain. SEAL Cambodia has fissure-sealed 66,000 children in 4 years.

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