Federal University of Rio De Janeiro
SDL-9 (2015)

Professor Sonia Groisman

Professor Groisman has specialization in: Periodontics and Public Health, Master and PHD courses in Community Dentistry by Federal Fluminense University Pos Graduations Courses in Cariology and Planning Oral Healh in Lund-University. Professor Groisman start her professional life as a working as a Dentist in the municipality of Niteroi, State of Rio de Janeiro and became the oral health coordinate program in 1997. From 1998, she is based in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Chair the State Council of Oral Health Policies in Rio de Janeiro, the Specialization course of Community and Family Dentistry al well the master program in health policy.  At the university she has been Head of Department of Social and Preventive Dentistry from 30/08/2006 until 07/2007; President of Commission Evaluation - Member of the Board of the Faculty of Dentistry at the UFRJ as Assistant Director of Graduate Studies, 03 / 1999 to 12/2002 and now the chair of the UFRJ Workers Oral Health Policies Education. She has been in the board of Brazilian Preventive Organization and became president form 2001to 2003. Coordinator of Prevention Program of Continuing Education - National Brazilian Association. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Dentistry, ABO, since 2006.  Latina America Representative for Oral Health Inequalities, IADR. She is ORCA and IADR member, engaged as Orca Board and Co-president of the 59th Orca Congress.Evaluate Commission of Brazilian IADR and lectured in several congress in Brazil and worked in the Board Organizations of 843 Scientific Events & Congress in Brazil He has published over 190 scientific papers and twelve books chapters. Principal award: MOTION No. 816/2011: CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE RELEVANT SERVICES IN DEFENSE OF ORAL HEALTH OF THE POPULATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO, ALERJ.2010  Professor Sonia Groisman was the 2015 recipient of the Tony Volpe Award.