Dean of Binzhou Medical University School of Stomatology
SDL-12 (2018)

Professor Liu Zhonghao

Professor Zhonghao is member of CSA, Members of the oral health service branch, Standing committee member of CSA implantology, President of the China branch of the International Dental Association (ITI), Academician of International Dental College (ICD), member of International Society of Oral Laser Application (SOLA) China expert committee, Vice President of Oral Medicine of Shandong Province, Deputy director of the dental implant professional committee. He has hosted more than 10 provincial projects. So far, he has published 40 articles, and 5 of them are embodied by SCI. Main research direction for the implant surface in vitro evaluation of bone around implant reconstruction, clinical is good at all kinds of bone increment Instantly grow With complete plant repair Minimally invasive plant computer-aided design guided dental implants and other clinical planting technology.