Director of Oral Health Promotion, Regulation and Practice, MOH
SDL-4 (2010)

Dr Husna Abbas

Dr Husna Abbas was born in Malaysia on 12 April 1953. She received her qualification in Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Malaya (1977) and Diploma in Dental Public Health from the University of Sydney (1982). She has more than 30 years of experience as a Dental Officer in the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia; having held positions of leadership for oral heath governance at both district and state levels. She was also Secretary to the Malaysian Dental Council for 8 years (1994-2002). Currently she holds the position of Director of Oral Health Promotion, Regulation and Practice, MOH. Her present duties include oral health policy development; ensuring effective implementation of primary, specialist and community oral healthcare programmes; oral health human resource development; oral health quality initiatives; and Continuing Professional Development. Her two recommendations to those interested in entering the dental profession: (1) Ensure you are people focused and oriented: In a healthcare profession you really have to like people; only then will you be able to communicate effectively, and your sincerity and caring attitude will shine through. If you are strictly in it for the money chose another profession. (2) Do the best you can for your patient but know your limitations in clinical competency; refer and consult with your more experienced colleagues when you need to.