Pedodontist, Hawler Medical University
SDL-7 (2013)

Dr Hemn Sarmamy

Dr Hemn Muhssin Suleman Sarmamy was born on 13th Apr 1978 in Erbil the Capital of Kurdistan Region-Iraq. He graduated in the College of Dentistry – Salahudeen University in Erbil at 2001. After graduation he worked in the Ministry of Health 3 years. He obtained a Master of Science in Paediatric Dentistry at Hawler Medical University, Erbil in 2007. He is now a Lecturer in the same University, giving paediatric dentistry lectures to the final grade students both theoretical and practical. He is head of continuous education with a lot of activities in updated Dentistry; besides having a motivation activity to the schoolchild for both knowledge and motivation. Also he is a Decisional of Pedo, Ortho and Preventive Dentistry Department. His wife Vian is also a Dentist (M.Sc. Preventive Dentistry) with two lovely children, Diyari and Deya.