Saudi Arabia
Head, Preventative Dental Services, ARAMCO
SDL-1 (2007)

Dr Earl Ernest Guile

Earl Ernest Guile, BSc, DMD, MPH, is an American epidemiologist, dental specialist, and writer. Dr. Guile has championed under-served communities in both the United States and the developing world during his career. He is a Diplomate, American Board Dental Public Health and formerly was Associate Professor and Head of Community Dentistry at King Saud University. Previously, he was Head, Preventive Dental Services at Saudi Aramco Health Network, Assistant Professor Oregon Health Science University, and Consultant to Ministry of Health in Suriname. He was co-principal investigator of The Oral Health Survey of Saudi Arabia and has published widely in the dental literature of eight countries. He has also published three books in the popular literature. He was educated at Morehouse College (BSc), University of Pennsylvania ( DMD), University of California at Berkeley (MPH) and Harvard University (Residency in Dental Public Health). He is presently a health consultant residing in Portland Oregon. Dr Guile is married to Ann Guile and has two sons, Mark and Geoffrey. Two career recommendations: 1) Work smart and consider the global landscape for pursuing your career. 2) Acquire advanced degrees in addition to dentistry such as, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Public Health (MPH), and/or PhD. These degrees in addition to a clinical specialty can expand your capability and leadership in the profession enormously.