CEO and Founder of Compass S/A
SDL-12 (2018)

Dr Bruno Frazao Gribel

Dr. Bruno Gribel is a certified Orthodontist and has been using CAD/CAM technology for the last decade to correct orthodontic and dentofacial anomalies both in private practice and the public sector. In the last 10 years he and his team have successfully performed over 5,000 orthognathic surgeries planned in 3D (based on a thorough 3D diagnosis developed during his post doc readership with Dr. McNamara at the university of Michigan) using 3D printed surgical guides and treated over thousands of orthodontic patients with a series of 3D printed models to gradually move teeth and correct malocclusions. His background allowed him and his team from the Federal University of Minas Gerais to develop a novel treatment protocol for new born patients with cleft lip-and-palate using 3D printed appliances to reshape the nose and lip while approximating the alveolar processes to re-establish oral-nasal function, improve breathing and eating and reducing the overall surgical morbidity of young patients during their first few months of life. This technology can be easily implemented by any cleft lip-and-palate care team around the world and while treatment is monitored every 8 weeks to help reduce costs increase the scale of access to treatment. Dr Gribel and his team offer a complete training and support to any doctor willing to develop the skills needed to provide the greatest level of care to their patients. This revolutionary technology can help bring comfort and better quality of life to hundreds of thousands babies and their parents during these most difficult first months of their lives.