Salt Fluoridation

India is one of many countries which uses salt fluoridation as a means to address the widespread prevalence of dental caries, primarily because it is inexpensive, effective, safe, and benefits the entire population. However, India has large areas where the groundwater is naturally fluoridated and measures between 1mg/l to 48mg/l.

Is salt fluoridation more of a hindrance rather than a solution to dental caries in India?

Let’s discuss:

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Milk Fluoridation

As fluoride in milk targets children, the World Health Organization (WHO) supports milk fluoridation as an alternative to water fluoridation. This is currently practiced in some countries including the United Kingdom (UK), China, Peru and Thailand.

Patient Education

Dentists constantly educate patients on how to maintain their oral health and prevent decay and gum disease as an ongoing part of their consultation. While some patients rely on the dentist for information on oral health issues, others use the internet to list out potential oral health problems.

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