Nutritional Counselling

Limited resources, lack of financial incentive, inadequate skills in nutrition counselling and time constraints may restrict many dental professionals from providing nutritional counselling as part of their routine preventive oral disease strategy. However, sharing the responsibilities among the allied dental health professionals (i.e. dental nurses, dental hygienists) can provide a way of incorporating nutritional counselling into the dental visit.

Atraumatic Restorative Treatment – ART

ART has become one of the most effective treatment, especially for children, in the management of tooth decay. It emphasizes prevention and minimal invasiveness in dental treatment.

There have been various initiatives that have used ART in India to address the high prevalence of dental caries particularly amongst school children.

Is ART taught in all dental school and is its use promoted by paediatric dentists?

Let’s discuss:

Professor Raman Bedi

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