Book Review for ‘Indian Health Professionals Around the World: A Common Agenda’

‘Indian Health Professionals Around the World: A Common Agenda’ is a call to arms for medical professionals of Indian-origin to create a cohesive movement aimed at addressing current challenges to global health.

Globally, 125,500 physicians of Indian birth, or of immediate Indian descent (‘Indian’ being a slightly unhelpful blanket term for the sub-continent as a whole) practice medicine within the English-speaking world, and this figure excludes many thousands more working in pharmacology, optometry, and dentistry.

Indian Health Professionals Around the World

This Blog is an attempt to create a forum centred around Indian Healthcare Professionals.

In the first instance, it will focus on dental care professionals.

Its purpose is to stimulate a discussion on what an agenda might be for this Indian dental diaspora in tackling the oral health disparities and improving dental services, especially in India.

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